maschine jam transport not working in Logi Pro X

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Hi, I believe I have everything up to date. When I open Maschine 2 as an Instrument in Logic Pro the transport buttons on Maschine Jam trigger notes instead of operating as labeled.

The "play" pad triggers an A#5 note, The "record" pad works properly. The "back arrow" pad triggers an A#1 note and the "forward arrow" pad triggers a B1 note. "Tempo" an A5, Grid a D5. Same when the "shift" pad is used.

The rest of the functions in Jam seem to work fine.

Any ideas on how to fix?



  • Milos
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    You are talking about Maschine yet tagged your comment for the Kontakt.

    I've seen people tagging their comments for a product they don't have a problem with dozens of times.

    Please, if you have a problem with the Maschine, tag your comment for Maschine, not Kontakt.

    This is as bad as giving the random answers to a certain comment that don't even have the slightest connection with the problem or even giving the answers that are not the alternative solutions, they just give the most random possible answer...

    Please, stop it.

    Even I stopped doing that (with the answers, of course), but I never falsely tagged any of my comments or discussions I've made.

    Once again, you, and everyone else reading this comment, tag your comments, problems and discussions properly.

  • frankjonez
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    Geez Milos

    Do your bosses see your response?

    Sorry I'm not an expert like you!

    I never did a search for Kontakt. I did MULTIPLE searches for my issue with Jam. When I went to ask a question your system did the tagging NOT ME. So maybe you should redirect your energy into making sure your system doesn't auto tag. Then you won't have to get upset with the customers that are paying your salary!!!

    Can you direct my question to someone there that can help me and not criticize?

    The attitude of your response fits your meme LOL

  • Milos
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    Ok...that is new then...

    Which meme...?

  • Milos
    Milos Member Posts: 1,838 Pro

    And I don't have any salary, I don't work at NI.

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