Super 8 AU crashing and spiking Ableton Live in Ventura

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Hi all,

just wanted to drop a bug: updated my Mac Pro 2019 from macOS Monterey to Ventura today and noticed a bug in a recent project where I used an instance of Super 8 standalone AU version (latest).

Super 8 is causing a huge CPU spike when the first note is played in an arrangement in latest Ventura on my Mac Pro causing the project to hang, second playback (stop, then replay section) is fine though. Also, when opening the GUI, everything seems to be fine at first but as soon as you close the GUI window, Ableton (latest Live 11) crashes instantly, every time, even in otherwise empty project with only one instance of Super8.

Please have a look,

all the best



  • iNate
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    Standalone Super 8 has been discontinued. Better to go back to using the Reaktor Ensemble. They won't fix anything with this.

  • Alex Rodrigues
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    Hello Benmuetsch,

    Same issue for me, Ableton Live (10.1.43) (2017 iMac Ventura) crashes when I close AU Super 8 plugin window or delete from track. But if I use VST3 version it works fine to me...

    All the best


  • nanotable
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    I’m getting the same spikes and crackles with the Reaktor version too on my M1 MacBook. Less severe than with the standalone version, but they’re still there, making Super 8 basically unusable, unfortunately.

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