Kontrol S 61 V 88 & key switching limitations … Are there any? If so how is the issue bridged

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I’m curious about the new Kontrol at 61 and wish to find out if there are limitations in regards key switching because of there being less keys on the 61 V the 88. So does anyone have any experience / knowledge with this that could throw some light on my question. Thank you.

PS: I prefer the feel of a 61 because it allows me be more dexterous versus the 88 which has some sluggish issues relating to playing synths and percussive issues because of the hammer action….


  • Brad Yost
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    Since most VSTi's put the keystrokes at C0 (some @C-1) or C7 octaves, the S61 makes it difficult to play them IRT. Some instruments will allow you to move the Keyswitches, but not many.

    I usually just play the parts and add keyswitching post-facto, with the concept in my head as to what articulations that I need where.

    I used to create a parallel MIDI track just for Controllers & Articulations, but now I use Articulation Maps mostly.

  • Db1
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    Thanks for your input on this … I am also wondering if I can use a secondary KB which I already have on the same midi channel and assign its key range starting at C0 that way I could use that for key switching without having to do a second pass on each part / track. I am not sure how NI would handle that as the USB is the likely route for midi as well as 2 way plug-in communication… perhaps setting the DAW to receive midi Omni in might allow dual midi inputs which might facilitating this possibility … any thoughts of better experience with this concept in action?. thanks

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