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please excuse my bad knowledge on technical topics regarding Komplete and Cubase.

I am working with Komplete 13 on a Windows computer with cubase. So in Cubase I typically create an instrument track and then load a VST insrument into Kontakt 7. The library is of course huge.

As I am playing piano in a holiday resort 2-3 times per year I am always disappointed of the poor piano sounds on the provided E-Piano. I now wonder if there would be a way to transfer only "The grandeur" to my laptop wwhich I could take with me and play it through MIDI.

Is there a way to do so?




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    The EULA allows you to install Komplete on up to 3 computers, so on the laptop; log in to NI and download Native Access, enter your Komplete serial number, and then download just Kontakt (or Kontakt Player) and only The Grandeur library.

    You can not just copy them over to a different machine as they won't be authorized.

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    Sounds good! Will Try.

    Thanks for now.

  • Rami10
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    It worked! Needed to do some MIDI-settings but now everything is fine!

    Thanks again.

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