How to midi map backspin for midi controller like with mouse backspin in traktor pro?

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Hi Everyone!

My question is,how to midi map backspin for midi controller like with mouse backspin?

I already did it , but it is not perfect,when I use the mouse it is much better,the spinback have a slowdown in the end like the real vinyl,but with the controller have no slowdown at the end,sounds little fake.

My setup is Traktor 2.11.2 and the midi controller app is TouchOSC MK1 in Ipad.

I tried it with Raycotek's old TouchOSC layout,it have a 'scratch' command in midi map I can finetune the Scratch encoder with rotary sensitivity,it's getting better,but not the same as with mouse,and I would like to use with controller if it is possible.

I belive the 'scratch' command is missing in the midi map list in Traktor 2 last update and in Traktor 3,just 'Jog Tuch On' and 'Jog Turn' exists.

I made a little demo video,and you can download the Raycotek's midi map bellow.

Any suggestions would be welcome how to fine tune or what do I need to map correctly!



  • versusliveact
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    Ok,I just figure it out some of the parameters.

    The backspin slow down still not working.

    I made a TouchOSC encoder with two cc parameters one for 'Jog Turn' is midi cc1,and 'Jog Tuch On' midi cc2

    Traktor settings:

    Jog Turn (midi cc1):

    Type of controller: Encoder

    Interaction mode: Relative

    Enc. mode: 3Fh/41h

    rotary sensitivity 4% (to my taste)

    Acceleration: 100%

    Jog Tuch On (midi cc2)

    Type of controller: Button

    interaction mode: hold

    here is a little video:

  • Stevan
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    Try less "rotary sensitivity" and add more of the "rotary acceleration" value.

    I was doing this in Pro 1 with a computer keyboard and it worked perfectly.

  • versusliveact
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    Hi,thanks for Your reply.Sadly no matter how I set up the rotary sensitivity,it was 4% before.If I go lower sounds like a simple backward playing,if I go higher,sounds like a speed up washing machine :) still no slow down at the end.My rotary acceleration is 100%,can't go further.

    little video about the trying:

    I tried also with generic keyboard,in this way I can only adjust the 'Jog Turn' button options value,interaction mode was set to 'Direct' - sounds like a very quick stop with backward - no matter what is the value - not right.

    video about generic keyboard map:

    I believe the behavior was different of those parameters in earlier Traktor versions.

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