download error after fresh installation kontact

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system reinstalled after constant dramas after installing Rev by output last week and had to do a fresh install of everything to get back to square 1 .

have installed all my daws ( Ableton,reaper,fl studio ,Bitwig .then my plugins ,cableguys Arturia ,spitfire etc. finally get around to ni

only want to install my essentials on this disk so try to start with kontact . download error

ni has full disk access but info provided doesn't match new log in for setting on Sonoma . restarted numerous times and checked all the info /opened ticket but ....

anybody else with a similar issue ?

I am komplete 14 ultimate owner


  • Uwe303
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    Sonoma is not officially supported for Komplete, only massive x, but it should at least download I think, you have no VPN or something, and what do you mean by " info provided doesn't match new log in for setting on Sonoma"

  • databass
    databass Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    massive x also gives me a download failed error message . no I don't have any vpn .

    what I mean by info provided is that the example windows for help settings is not the same as the windows that you actually see in Sonoma .

    it annoys me so much that this company puts out new videos celebrating their new sample library , new guitar rig ( then has the cheek to charge me for it again if I do buy it before I upgrade next complete library ) while not getting on top of supporting the current operating system on what would be one of two major operation systems . its been this way for years . its super annoying . thanks for your answer anyhow

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