Maschine Plus order not shipped

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so i ordered the maschine + days ago and up till now i havent received any email which states that my gear has being shipped or not and its fraustrating to know you cant get anyone to speak to ... when i need the gear for my performance coming weekend.



  • Milos
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    Not sure, but it is probably delayed due to a huge season sale.

    Take a grain of salt.

  • PoorFellow
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    Only support can answer questions like that so you need to open a ticket and ask them when your Maschine+ will arrive ! Webshop & Orders support : , but support is swamped due to the sale and can easily take a week to respond !

    Depending on your address and point of shipping then unless the two are close then I would maybe be surprised if you received your unit before the weekend. But hey I am just another user.

    Anyway , while I to some extend feel that it is straining Jeremy then I will still ask @Jeremy_NI ? Sorry to have to put another question on you , but do you have any information about the potential time of shipping for the unit ordered by nii ?

  • nii
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    well my product suppose to be shiiped to washington dc .

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @nii Already replied to your other thread. My colleagues should get back to you soon.

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