Include a 'year' field to list songs by year (different to release date)

I hate pinching ideas from Traktor's competitors but there's been a great tool created by Dj Cee B called 'Music Library Tools', where he's found a way to automatically assign the year of a release to most of his music. It works very well with Serato as Serato has a 'year' field.

However, this tool isn't able to work too well with Traktor due to there not being a 'year' field. There is a release date field, but it follows the year/month/day format, which means that you can't filter it purely by year.

A lot of music I've gathered over the years have come from things like compilations (instead of the original single release), so the release date is incorrect (like if there was a 2020 compilation of 'biggest 90s anthems', the release date would state 2020, instead of the original release date from the 1990s).

If there was a field option for just the 'year', then this would make things a lot easier to consolidate, and then help with organising music into playlists based on the year they were released.

This information is usually written to an ID3 tag, so to have that field included in Traktor would be an amazing organisational tool, and in theory it shouldn't be too complicated to implement.

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  • nickygdj
    nickygdj Member Posts: 38 Pro

    True, the Date settings field is that of Released...

    We would need a new YEAR field, or in the browser a YEAR column where it takes only the YEAR (YYYY) from the Released field.

    As with today's higher resolution monitors, we would need to have those track EDIT settings with a bigger panel, we're going blind :), or a panel placed at the side of the browser to edit the METADATA more quickly, like in RecordBox.

    How You would need to be able to resize the Settings panel

  • wayfinder
    wayfinder Member Posts: 328 Guru

    the ID3 tag traktor uses to populate the release date field is actually called YEAR, and according to the ID3 specifications it should not contain the day or month IIRC, just the year, just what you want... traktor seems to have extended its functionality on its own, breaking the spec.

  • Gully B
    Gully B Member Posts: 4 Member

    That is interesting, so technically this could almost be seen more as a bug fix than a new feature?

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