My Traktor S6 Concept (This is not a leak)

Firstly this is not a leak, it's a fake concept and NI is not affiliated with this. I did this to practice 3d design, modelling and to understand blender. As DJ hardware is pretty standard in the music hardware scene, I thought it would be the easiest to design & model around. Plus Traktor is my only gate way into the software side. Got to get better at topology and I gave up on materials (seriously couldn't understand how to make the pads, ring light or jog wheel disc look right). I also thought you people might like to see it.

There's a few features I went OTT on because, well, its fun to imagine.

  • 8 inch jogs
  • FX now located at the bottom, closer to where you will do most of your transition performances
  • Fader start / headphone cue 2 above faders. The button to change it is at the front
  • Sends and returns (with a stupidly complex system, as I put the knob and button down first with thinking how I was going to implement it). I t can also act as a E and F channel if you set the FX module to Mixer Channel ( a new option for the fx)
  • Modified button below the FX, this can be set to either FX Snapshot, changing the button behaviour to a momentary switch for FX or setting it to become a cross fader switch, similar to the flashformer
  • Master mixer FX
  • Mic section, with a momentary button modifier for the on/off buttons
  • Mixer macro section above the EQ below the gain. This can be many things. So far I got compression, pfl, beat phase, phase meter, extra eq for xone layout.
  • EQ kill Buttons
  • Instrument line in, as I designed the decks to have an ethos of working more with other music hardware like drum machines, bass synths and more for the music production crowd.
  • mental crossfader options for the sake of it

There's more but I would have to write paragraphs. Aimed to be a flagship to contend with other flagship controllers.



  • Stevan
    Stevan Member Posts: 1,511 Expert

    Nice work! The deck selector should definitely be where your REV and FLUX buttons are. Love the FX Unit placement - where your transitions are happening.

    EQ kills should be gone and your Macro knob is genious idea.

  • Toltemic
    Toltemic Member Posts: 21 Member

    Yeah that was one of my main concept points, some way to incorporate the option to have the xone eq's and moving the fx module. I do agree with you- the deck select should be moved and maybe the rev and flux maybe should be mirrored with the slip buttons on the x axis.

    There was some other over the top ideas, such as replacing the mixer fx buttons with paddles and a micro deck above the jog wheel, this would've been an x1 mk2 touch strip control with small transport buttons for basic control of the alternative deck. So on deck B the micro deck would've controlled deck D, vice versa. But it would've cannibalised the X1 as well as being a possible hinderance

    Damn really like using the kill eqs on a jam traktor mapping, personal preference to why I snuck them in there😁

  • solsta
    solsta Member Posts: 90 Helper

    Dude this looks amazing! Great job on this. I like the dense layout, reminds me of a Xone. I love the idea of the FX near the actual deck controls on the bottom. Nice touch. I know its your concept and I have my tastes, the S8 being my current and favourite controller but my dream controller (outside of the s8) I feel like the button above the deck could probably be redesigned to fit besides some screens above each deck that way you can have a per deck view and an overall view with up to 4 decks or playlist info etc, that way more data can be displayed and its less cluttered, also turn any deck functions to toggles so the deck abcd all turn into two buttons. Loop in and out can be a knob as well instead of two buttons.

    Again im just kind of redesigning it to my own preference spec, your idea was super awesome and I enjoyed seeing what a newer controller would look like, I say keep this up, I don't think there's enough concept dj controller renders of high quality and this one is high quality.

    That being said, I tried to zoom in the images and the resolution is quite low, if you could post higher res images that would be appreciated, so I can see the labels more clearly and absorb the v I s I o n

    great work friend!

  • Toltemic
    Toltemic Member Posts: 21 Member

    oh yeah there's 8k renderings I will post a link at some point (if I can) it got compressed to ~1000x400 by the forum. I was thinking of doing screens above the deck however I couldn't find a good reference, the screen that's on the concept is the S mk3 screen- give or take 10% size accuracy. The s4 mk3 screens I find to small considering roughly the whole dimensions estimate is 45cm x 85cm.

    I am interested to redo a new rendering with suggestions and ideas. With the deck abcd buttons are you talking about the deck select?

    With the looping, err I went over top (consistent theme), there's 3 ways on the deck. The 2 knobs on the side of the pads, the in/out buttons, q.loop button above the pads

  • Toltemic
    Toltemic Member Posts: 21 Member

    Here are some close ups

  • viper9711
    viper9711 Member Posts: 64 Helper

    Headphone Control should be at the top

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