problems will occur unless I update my os and kontakt

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I’m getting a message in Native access 2 saying I may start to have problems with performance “as time goes on…since my os is not supported anymore . This is a recent change . What if I don’t do anything like update or add any library’s ? Will all my paid 3rd party and kontakt libraries all stop working ? Will what I’ve invested in native instruments just be garbage ? I can’t be the only person unable to afford to move to a new computer or operating system currently . Does this mean we can’t use kontakt as expected.. . I’m on the full paid version of kontakt 7. I really didn’t expect this …not so quick after buying the upgrade from kontakt 6 kontakt 7 …it really hasn’t been that long and this is very disappointing.


  • mykejb
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    If you don't update things they'll just keep working as they do now, so you don't need to worry :)

    -- Mike

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