Does Fables require a controller for expression and volume?

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I'm wondering if if it's necessary to control this product to achieve slow fades of the various presets, or, like some of my Vi's, they will fade on their own, or when you take your hands off the keys, it slowly decays. For my preference, I don't want to have another piece of hardware and one hand dedicated to doing this. Same question for Lores, as I am considering the sale package of both. thanks


  • Milos
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    Maybe, but just maybe, this can help you mimic the decay and attack effect...

    Do you have GR7 Player? (It is free btw)

    If you do, try to use the Volume effect from the Dynamics, and then experiment the volume knob with the Input Level and it's knobs effect from the Modifier section.

    Let me know if it works.

  • Kymeia
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    For these I use the touchstrip on my S Series controller - I guess they were designed with this in mind

  • TopoTone
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    I have the trial full version, that quits after 30 minutes, but just grabbed the Player. Sounds like it would still require one hand on a control to slow decay a patch. My old Nord keyboard doesn't have a mod wheel, but some of the knobs can be assigned to learn midi controller. Overall, I was hoping the presets have the decay/fades built in, similar to the various go-to patches I use in Omnisphere, or Emotional Cello.

  • Milos
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    If you have a DAW, you can use automation...

    Let me know if it worked anyhow.

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