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Hi, new installation/purchase and Kontakt was able to load instruments and play sounds through my speakers just fine either clicking keys or by s61 keyboard. Instruments also load and play fine through Komplete Kontrol without Kontakt loaded for a day or so. Yesterday speaker sound in Kontakt stopped working (still worked in Komplete Kontrol--until today). I had been switching between Asio4All and Wasapi shared because of some crackling noise but that's the only thing I can think of that I'd done in the system. Looking at the Asio config I do see the following error next to Realtek HD Audio outpout ( popup is "status unavailable--in use by another device?" and "MS GS Wavetable Synth Enabled?" (no, not in Kontakt, anyway, and I tried disabling it in Device Manager--made not difference other than turning the output to Wave Headphones in Komplete Kontrol, which disappeared when I disabled Oculus). There is no sound from Asio4All or either Wasapi option.

Finally after tearing my hair out I did a complete uninstall of everything NI aside from Native Access (used Revo Unistaller to track down registry leftovers). Reinstalled, same problem, this time Komplete Keyboard stopped producing sound as well (midi is still visibly triggering sounds though).. Komplete Kontrol or Kontakt (separately are the the only program loaded and I can't see anything interfering in the task manager. Did complete system restore and all did work briefly but stopped again. I did absolutely nothing between it working after the system restore other than browsing/Youtube. Came back to load Kontakt and the problem was back. Rebooting didn't help. Realtek speakers is the system default audio. It works fine on everything else. "Allow applications exclusive control" is checked. Kontakt or KK are the only things running anyway. I'd like to get this figured out before I add a DAW into the equation.

Any help appreciated. Here is an example of what a loaded instrument looks like in Kontakt.

Here is the "Not connected" in Komplete Kontrol (there doesn't seem to be a similar function in Konakt). But when it initially read "speaker" instead of "not connected" I do get sound. Just can't figure out how to restore that connection. Yes, I can get an external interface but if anyone has any insight into what's going on with the onboard sound and Realtek, that would be great.


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    It looks like your audio device is in use by something else so ASIO4ALL can't access it. Can you use the WASAPI driver in exclusive mode? That's pretty much as fast as ASIO4ALL these days and if you're only playing rather than mixing in a DAW it's probably quite adequate.

    -- Mike

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    I think that using the Windows system Restore were the first thing that you should have tried rather than the last (?) The problem probably is in the Windows audio device settings. They can get screwed up pretty badly , even to the point where very hard or close to impossible to fix if something inside Windows decided that some setting should be like this or that. The more 'virtual' devices that you have installed increases the possibilities of something going wrong, That said then if everything else doesn't help then you could try to install the "VOICEMEETER BANANA Advanced Mixer" (it's free/Donationware) and see if you can route yourself out of the problems. but you might want to add another system restore point before doing that and use Revo Pro while installing !

    But first then try to dig into the Windows settings , in the Windows Search (taskbar looking glass icon) then copy and paste input the following one by one and check settings there) (very important:when copy and paste be sure to not include any additional spaces before or after expressions in bold because that may prevent result from showing !) :

    Settings:Sound mixer

    Settings:manage Sound devices

    Settings:Sound settings     (then top right : Related Settings : Sound Control Panel)

    The sound control panel can also be reached by : Windows + R then input : mmsys.cpl

    In the sound control panel you might want to change the default sound device back and forth between e.g. Speakers and Realtek HD audio (without closing control panel or doing anything else just to make sure that Windows stored your choice properly) .

    Also, some sometimes in Windows it is beneficial to have access to the Realtek HD Audio Manager which to my knowledge is something that the standard Windows delegated driver does not install but requires that one carefully looks into what exactly is the MB sound chips set and and then locate, download and install the motherboard manufactures driver to get that ! But the Realtek HD Audio Manager might not be what is needed here !

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    Thank you...I get obsessive when there's a problem with Windows and can waste a whole day on it. So I'm booking marking this page, but my simple solution was to hook up a Focusrite Scarlett. Mostly all good now. Thanks!

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