Maschine+ ~1 year with no updates = abandonware

Justin J
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Title says it all. What other companies have something similar that I can dump my money into? This product is abandonware at this point.



  • Impermanence
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    Perfect doesn’t need updates.

  • kamikaze1980
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    I agree. Push+ has sucked since I got it. Works great as a controller but crashes nearly everytime I’ve tried to use it stand alone. I see a lot of people are not having the same issues after a few updates. Idk I pre ordered mine and got a first batch 🤦. Akai is doing a lot with the mpc line. My mpc live is solid af. Not one crash. Regular updates with added content. Some of which are free some aren’t but they are very active in development. NI used to be like that.

  • Kymeia
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    NI have stated there is an update just around the corner, currently in beta

  • Ali1957
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    Ich empfinde es sehr traurig, daß die Maschine nicht mehr weiterentwickelt wird.

    Schade , ich kaufe mir jetzt die Push 2.

    I feel very sad that the machine is no longer being developed further. It's a shame, I'm buying the Push 2 now.

  • Jiglo
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    I think you always have to weigh up the tradeoffs as well as the gains when purchasing new gear, especially if it's going to be a centrepiece.

    It's alright saying "it's abandoned, so i'm moving on", but really, that thought process has always seemed flawed to me (beyond the pure speculation of assuming it's abandoned). Like "give me something, or i'm leaving"

    Really you should be asking yourself what you want from a product and if something can do what you really want, how easy is it to learn and to live with and then perhaps, in the Push case, if there might be extra costs staying within that eco system.

    A Push 2 isn't standalone, it's a tethered product, so actually more comparable to a MK3. A Push 3 is standalone, but around double the price with the supplied free software, but to upgrade to Standard or Suite, it's quite pricey and to upgrade software from the now Live 11 to the forthcoming 12, it's not very cheap. Trust me, I have 11 Suite after being with Live from 7 and i've decided that i'm not going to upgrade this time and will probably stick with 11 until maybe it's unsupported as the M+ feels like the real deal.

  • PK The DJ
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    @Jiglo for anyone who buys Live 11 now, the upgrade to 12 is free.

    There have been lots of commments online saying that Push 3 should come with Live Suite - but they don't consider that most people buying a Push are likely to be Live owners/users already, as it's a device that adds to Live's abilities. People who have the software don't want to pay for another copy they don't need.

  • Jiglo
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    edited December 2023

    Somebody mentioned Push 2, which isn't sold new anymore, so on the basis of that comment, they will be paying to upgrade if they want new features when it arrives.

    Also, if changing from Maschine+ to a Push 2, I was pointing out that it requires a bit of thought as it isn't like for like. If changing to a Push 3, then it's more than double the cost if you aren't already a Standard or Suite user and you want to make the most of it. Plenty of comments saying that isn't perfect either, so........

  • macchinista
    macchinista Member Posts: 28 Helper

    Good points on Push 3, however one also has to think about the longevity of a product and the prospect of future improvements. I think it is fair to say that Ableton are ironing out the initial kinks and I expect the features to only improve over time just b/c Live itself will improve. Also, the fact that you can upgrade the device to better specs should make it last a long time.

    Unfortunately none of those things can be said about Maschine +

  • Justin J
    Justin J Member Posts: 10 Member

    The "Feature Request" thread has plenty of ideas to go around. In other words, there is no excuse as to why Maschine+ cannot continue to receive updates/feature-requests, even if they have to charge us for it. The fact NI goes radio silent on us for a year leads me to believe that either a new product is going to be announced and/or they have successfully taken our money and moved onto the next "thing" to sell us.

  • Justin J
    Justin J Member Posts: 10 Member

    BTW - thank you for bringing up the Push 2/3, never heard of it until now. It definitely looks like what the Maschine+ should have been or can become. But I won't hold be holding my breathe another year to wait and see.

  • Justin J
    Justin J Member Posts: 10 Member

    I'm all for investing in a product so long as it integrates well with the companies 'eco-system' (Apple, I'm looking at you). As an owner of NI Komplete 9 Ultimate and Komplete 14 Collector's edition, there are sooooooooo many instruments/synths/sounds/VST's I am unable to utilize on the Maschine+ due to the lack of software integration.

    I don't want to be tethered to my computer any longer than I need to be. The Maschine+ was advertised as being a mobile solution. At present, the only audio/sampling we can download to the unit is extremely limited. After ~1 year of zero updates, I am seeing the writing on the wall (take your money elsewhere).

  • AdelV
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    Yes, unfortunately


  • afrogrit
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    The Maschine+ is growing on me, when it comes to sketching ideas

  • HugoClubs
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    You can pretty much add any instrument from your Komplete to Maschine+. Just sample it. It takes time but NI have made this a very automatic and simple process. And the best part is: sampled instruments barely consume CPU.

    Yesterday I left Maschine sampling 6 octaves of UNA CORDA before going to sleep and today before leaving the house I left it sampling 6 octaves of ARKHIS. I will combine both sounds for a PAD.

    (I am not allowed to post YouTube links, but Loopop has a good short tutorial about the Maschine auto-sampler)

    I personally waited for the auto-sampler and for JAM integration before buying my M+. After those were implemented I purchased the product, therefore agreeing with the current features of the product. If more updates come, GREAT! (could use some granular engines on my side 😉) , if not that's fine.

    I am pretty sure some sort of update is coming sooner or later.

    P.S. Eventually NI will launch M+ MII, with a faster chip, more RAM, etc... and the only thing I really would like them to consider, is to allow us existing M+ users to upgrade our current hardware (for a price of course). Similar to what Polyend did with the Play+. This would also be good to NI from a business perspective, as the market will not be flooded with second handed M+.

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