Best way to install on a new computer?

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I have Kontakt7 and Komplete 13 on two older macs (iMac and macbook pro) that are obsolescing, so I'm experimenting with switching to PC to avoid mac's un-upgradabilities. Before I install anything there I thought I'd check for minefields, so these questions come to mind, but please make suggestions if I'm missing something.

1.) Must I uninstall all Native Instruments apps from a mac before installing anything on the PC with Native Access? If so, must the uninstall be manual, meaning that Native Access only installs and cannot uninstall -- or authorize-deauthorize like Izotope?

2.) I have my NI library on an external SSD attached to the iMac now. I was thinking of dedicating a second internal SSD in the PC to sample libraries like NI, just copying those libraries over. That way , each machine would be set up with its own library, and I wouldn't have to relocate when going from one machine to another. Is that doable or recommended?

3.) I see in my NI pages my purchases except for Komplete, though all my Komplete serials are on another page from my profile. I think this might be because I bought it a cross-promotion with Izotope. Does it matter for any reason, like not getting the right upgrade offers?

Thanks for any advice.


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    There is a video linked elsewhere on the forum that shows you how to move over the PLIST files/directories to easily copy an installation over on macOS.

    On Windows, you really need to install everything from scratch since there is a lot of registry stuff involved and it's too difficult to piecemeal it.

    Easier on macOS, though. All you need to do is make sure the external drive you use to hold the content has the same label on both machines. Once you move over the config stuff and reinstall the applications/plug-ins, it is plug-and-play for the most part.

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    1. No , you are allowed to have the software installed on up to three of your own computers at the same time ! (see quote below here)
    2. Yes ! a secondary dedicated internal SSD for music files on your PC is perfect. Set Download location and Content location to your user wish and leave the rest as is. N.I. will however still requires a number of GB on the system drive for uninstall/housekeeping / whatever...
    3. I dunno , you have to contact customer support to ask them , else when logged in then you can see the My Komplete Offers on that page !

    Quote :

    All products included within a single edition of a KOMPLETE 14 bundle are part of one user license and can only be used as a single entity. A maximum of three installations on three machines are allowed as long as only one installation is used at any given time. The individual products cannot be resold separately.

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