Routing studio drummer Kontakt in my PT the crash, ride & china wont show up in the mixer window

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I'm trying to route the studio drummer into multiple outputs on Pro tools, but those channels(ride,crash,china) aren't in the Mix window within the Kontakt mixer channel window.


  • Milos
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    First of all, you said that you had the problem in Kontakt, yet you tagged your comment for Maschine.

    Second, I had similar issue, and maybe, but just maybe, this can help.

    Save your instrument, then go to the View, then Outputs, and make sure that you have 20+ separate master outputs for each sound of any drumkit instrument, regardless if it's from the Abbey Road, Factory Library etc.

    And for the finale: open that same instrument and check if you can see and put the ride, crash and china souns into these separate output channels.

    Let me know if it helped.

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