What Native Instruments Product do I need in order to use Sacred Futures?

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Hi everyone,

I’m really interested in the Sacred Futures expansion but I’m a little confused about what NI products I need to have/own to be able to use the expansion…

Would it be enough if I buy Komplete 14 Select?

Do I need Maschine as well? Is Maschine hardware only, or can it also be a plug-in that doesn’t require me to have the physical thing?

Sorry if my question is confusing. At this time I believe I have just the free stuff from NI like Kontakt 6, Kontakt 7, Komplete Control etc.

Thanks in advance!


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  • reffahcs
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    Looks like it's a general kit. From it's web page you can use it with Battery, Maschine, Massic, Monark, Reaktor, and whatever other programs you have that can use the loops and samples.


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