Sound quality changed after update to Kontakt 7

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I recently bought an M3 Pro laptop. I copied accounts across from an Intel based Mac to the M3 therefore all files were exactly as they appeared on the older mac laptop. I updated Kontakt 6.8.0 to Kontakt 7.7.2 with all the requisite licensing and Native Access and downloads and restarts etc...

Using Logic Pro 10.8.1 on Sonoma 14.1.2, (The latest) I opened projects that used Kontakt 6. Those plug-in software instrument tracks asked me to upgrade the libraries. I did and have Ethereal Earth 2.1.0. Now, selecting the same path named 'Jupiters Organ', on Kontakt 6, there is the original very nice warm fat sound which I absolutely love, and have used in these projects.

When copying the midi track and then using Kontakt 7, loading 'Jupiters Organ, the sound is much thinner, the low end and warmth are no longer present. This is repeatable even when starting a new project. Kontakt 6 introduces a more tube type overdrive on this patch "Jupiters Organ" when pushed to max midi values or laying 4 notes or more at a time. The sound is exceptional. However, this has been removed in Kontakt 7.

The same track is played on the same laptop with the identical settings, no customization of the patch, no additional audio effects.

If anyone reads this and is willing to try the test on an empty project please reach out.

I do not understand the differences in sound engines?

I would like to understand how kontakt 6 or 7 finds and uses the .nki files.



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    I followed one of the support links to the google drive where I downloaded the Etheral Earth 2.0 DMG

    Apparently EE 2.0 was updated for providing additional expressivity to the composer. But, this update hosed the prior sound. I did download, virus scan, force bypass the mac protestations over a non-scannable file and installed it. The Kontakt 6 original sound for Ethereal Earth 2.0 Jupiters Organ is back baby!

    Boy, am I every leary of the next update.

    Pleaser NI let us know what sort of ‘sonic’ effects may happen to us before we have a force upgrade again.

    Thank you.

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    In which way is the sound quality changed?

    In the good way or the bad way...or something?

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