Intel Core i7 quad-core / M1 10 Core

Giorgio1981 Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

Hi everybody!

I'm running same Reaktor patches on both of my machines (Intel and M1) and with Intel i have better result in terms of CPU (on average 5 % better ).

How can it be possible? all the setting are the same....



  • Milos
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    Maybe you have too much free storage (memory space also affects the performance).

  • Big Gnome
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    I haven't kept up with the state of Reaktor's compatibility with Apple's ARM chips, so there may be some additional overhead there, like running in an x64 compatibility layer or something; but in any case, Reaktor has only ever run on a single core, so clock speed reigns supreme--i.e., all those extra cores are doing exactly zilch to affect Reaktor's performance--which I suspect is the more likely cause.

  • Sunborn
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    Simply said: No matter what you might read on the net, fact is that Intel processors are better.

    They are faster, offer more support for apps and their internal architecture is more powerful than M1.

    ...and it's a common secret among power users, since very long time, that Mac are highly overestimated. With the same amount of money they cost, you can build a "super-speed-of-light" Windows spaceship! 😉

  • Giorgio1981
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    Thanks for your answers!

    what i don't understand is that it just happens only with Reaktor... when I use other software like max/msp or Ableton(without using reaktor) the M1 is significantly faster (up to 15% faster).

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