What are the limitations of Kontakt on Maschine Plus? ​

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Maschine Plus has a stripped down version of Kontakt, NI experts tell me what are the limitations?

I noticed that there is no support for a monolithic file, it does not see MIDI files, what else?


  • Alexios
    Alexios Member Posts: 92 Advisor

    Isn't anyone interested in Kontakt in Maschine Plus? Nobody loaded user libraries? What are the problems? What's good? What's next ? Stripped down Kontakt 7? What restrictions are there, what will they be? Road map ? I understand that custom libraries are not officially supported!

    But Maschine Plus is the only device connected to Kontakt!

    NI creators of Kontak, what's inside Maschine Plus? Who can I find out from?

    Are there any users here?

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