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I wonder if anyone else has encountered this problem. I recently changed the old Mac for a new one. Installed Traktor and loaded all my tracks. Almost all of them have lost the cover art. The program won't show them even though they are still attached to the original mp3 files. Curiously, some tracks still show the cover art.. a really small amount of them.

I read bout the "Re-embed Artwork" script, but cannot make it work. Why isn't Traktor showing cover arts?


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    It's a known Mac problem since last year, and still i can't see any clear solution. There are a lot of similar unanswered posts in the forum.

    Is this the tool (script) that you talking about? did it and couldn't solve the problem?

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    Yes, that's the script.. but I think that it only works if your collection comes through Itunes or the Apple's Music App.. if it comes directly from an external HD, as it is in my case, there seems to be nothing to do about it.

    Strange that NI doesn't have an answer for this problem. It looks like we are many, experiencing this issue...

    Thanks anyway pal

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    One solution might be this one (but it is untested, so no guarantees!):

    From your Traktor user location, delete this folder completely:


    Open Traktor and re-analyze your library.

    It might be time-consuming and at the end it might not succeed but i have no other solution to offer.

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    It didn't work either. Thanks, again


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    I did it.. it took about an hour for a collection of 6K tracks.

    I'll explain here, in case someone needs it:

    1 - export playlists NML files somewhere

    2 - select all tracks not showing cover art and use 1st option to delete them: "delete from collection"

    3 - import music folders: all tracks will show up again and their cover art will show up too

    4 - re-import playlists

    Takes some time to analyze time and recover tags like comments, genre, cue points, etc.. but nothing will be lost

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