Kontakt 7/Windows 10 crash/hangs/freeze when loading Electric Mint VI.

chrisdee Member Posts: 1 Member

I get the following message in the bottom of Kontakt 7 window :

Script Warning (Line: 9060, Script: 1) While loop was terminated after 10 million iterations without a wait(). Check the loop iterator and condition, or use a wait(statement).

This happens when trying to load and use Electric Mint VI.

Another problem is that all of the VI's like Electric Vintage, Picked Acoustic, Picked Nylon, Electric Sunburst, Electric Sunburst Delux and Strummed Acoustic 2 get chopped notes/chords if I have more than one instrument track in Pro Tools Ultimate version 2023.9.

This happened to Electric Mint also befor it stopped working properly after buying and installing Kontakt 7. Now I can't load many of my VI's above into Kontakt 6 because I get a message that Kontakt 6 is too old for this library.

Anybody else have problems like this?


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