Are there issues with using different versions of Kontakt in the same project?

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I have Cubase 12.0.70, and I am working on scoring a short film. My recent projects are suddenly opening with some Kontakt instruments not loaded correctly on some tracks but ok on other tracks. It's like something got corrupted when the projects were saved and Kontakt says it cannot find some files. I really have no idea what has happened.

I don't know how settings for Kontakt instances are saved when saving a project in Cubase. Is it possible that different versions saving out instance settings could screw up reloading the instances? I have duplicated tracks, and I am also using track versions in Cubase.

When I can actually get a track with one of these bad instances loaded, Kontakt always shows that it cannot find three things, the first of which is blank. The next one is a sample file which exists in the sample library's sample folder but that Kontakt has said it expects at a path on my C drive that does not exist, as in:

C:\Users\Clay\Documents\Native Instruments\Kontakt\Kontakt\Westwood....... etc.

The second "Kontakt" in that path does not exist, and I have no libraries stored in my C drive anyway.

The third thing looks like part of a file name, and the "assumed at" is the path to the library samples.

This is just nonsense. See image...

What the hell, NI??


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    It is a simple and common problem, of relocating samples or instruments.

    Those paths (C:\Users\Clay\Documents\Native Instruments\Kontakt\Kontakt\Westwood), are stored internally in each instrument.

    So, if your library was originally on another computer (or on an older hard disc that doesn't exist anymore), the instruments have its paths stored, not yours.

    This is mostly common on 3rd party or home-made libraries. Westwood is a 3rd party library, not a NI library.

    What you need to do is to locate the Westwood library path in your computer, search for that precise instrument and load it. When done, you have to save the instrument (replace it in its original folder, not in the user library). If you do not save the instrument, next time you open your project the problem will be there again.

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    Hi. The Westwood library is new. I never have had libraries on my C drive.

    The library opens fine. It was only in the particular project that it began to have an issue at some point of saving and reopening the project.

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