MK3 and SP 404MK2

Jossache Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

I am having issues routing the MK3 and the SP 404 MK2. I have the line out from the MK3 going to the SP then the SP out going to my focusrite Scarlett 4i4. I want to using the effects of the SP but it's not working. Any advice? Thanks!


  • Simon A. Billington
    Simon A. Billington Member Posts: 26 Member

    I'm not familiar with working these specifically, but the problem might be in the SP. The lines going in are probably routed directly to the sampler and may not be letting sound to pass through without putting it into some kind of record monitor mode.

    There maybe be a setting that allows you to send the sound directly to the effects section though. Or maybe you set it up to record just monitor the signal without actually recording anything. Though, there is also a chance that while in record mode the sound dunce get routed to the effects section. Maybe.

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