traktor memory leak? (new mac user)

Hi!! Recently i bought a mac book pro m2 chip 8g 512 hard disc and i install traktor latest version.I made a collection check consistency and i have notice that memory start to goes up until i had out of application memory message at 47 giga.When i just play music app starts at 1.87 g memory and slowly goes up but not much.Maybe in an hour goes to 1.9.It look like a memory leak.Does anyone have made this check consistency and notice at memory?better way its to made it at collection 10-15 minutes to notice. I had it at monterey macos and it exist at ventura also.


  • dj Lorenzo
    dj Lorenzo Member Posts: 3 Member


    Yes I just wrote an Artical about this, it is Unbelievable but I cannot relocate my tracks that I moved from another laptop because the path is different., have you got any other Feedback ?

  • christoss21
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    From Ni they told me to try version 3.9 to see if the problem exist or not.At 3.9 traktor was without memory leak problem so it look it was 3.10 problem.I Will upgrade to 3.11 to see what happened otherwise 3.9 or earlier version its a solution

  • Powersound
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    I have the same problem on Mac M1 Max 64Gb with 3.10 and 3.11 on Ventura 13.6.3.

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