maschine 2 is being very slow

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The story is this: every time I want to replace or delete a maschine 2 tool, it freezes for a minute or two, after which the deletion occurs.

the same thing happens with effects and groups.

and this is a problem only when I work in maschine

This is terribly annoying.

and I noticed this when I installed the entire KOMPLETE 14 COLLECTORS EDITION package

I have a mac pro m1

maschine 2 2.17.4

mac os ventura

and the most annoying thing is that I have maschine mk3 and I was thinking about fully interacting with the komplete 14 package, but it turns out that I’m waiting an awfully long time for this or that instrument or effect to load or delete

Has anyone encountered this?


  • myabrownn
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    I feel your frustration, and dealing with slow performance on a Mac Pro M1 can indeed be infuriating. Here's a detailed approach to potentially tackle this issue:

    Optimize Storage:

    Ensure your Mac has sufficient free space. Delete unnecessary files and applications.

    Check Background Processes:

    Use Activity Monitor to identify resource-hungry processes running in the background. Close unnecessary apps.

    Update Software:

    Make sure Maschine 2, your OS, and all components of Komplete 14 are updated to their latest versions.

    Adjust Maschine Preferences:

    In Maschine 2, go to Preferences > Library > Manage > Repair Library. This can help resolve any library-related issues.

    Plugin Compatibility:

    Confirm that all your third-party plugins within Komplete 14 are compatible with macOS Ventura and the M1 architecture.

    Maschine Controller Driver:

    Ensure your Maschine MK3 controller has the latest driver installed.

    Check Disk Utility:

    Use Disk Utility to check for and repair any disk permissions or errors on your system drive.

    Optimize Maschine Settings:

    Adjust the audio buffer size in Maschine preferences. A lower buffer size can improve real-time responsiveness.

    Consider Beta Updates:

    Check if there are any beta updates for Maschine that address M1 compatibility or performance improvements.

    Good luck!

  • esx.
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    Thanks for the answer and help, but all this was done before the question was posted here. There is disk space, all updates are latest.

    I recorded a video of what I mean, but as a beginner I can’t add links yet.

    all vsts in other daws work well and quickly.

    only inside maschine 2 - it causes discomfort. Very unpleasant .

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