How do I download the maschine 2 program in stand alone mode on the mk2?

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I read somewhere that i will need to download the maschine 2 program in standalone but i'm not sure what that means or how to do it. can anybody help me out with that?


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    I'm not sure which OS you have on your system. Also not sure if you're talking about an S-series MK2 keyboard (for which you also have received "Maschine 2" for free), or if you're talking about a Maschine hardware MK2.

    Nevertheless, first install "Native Access 2" from the NI homepage to your Mac or PC (if this is not already done). Then add your hardware serial (in your case either the serial of your keyboard or the Maschine hardware) in Native Access 2 (or direct in your NI account) and wait until "Maschine 2" is offered to you as a personalized download in Native Access 2.

    Install "Maschine 2" via the "Native Access 2" downloader/installer. After that you will have two versions available on your system. The first is an executable (the so-called standalone version) which you may run without having other applications involved, and there will also be a plugin version installed (which will be automatically added to your predefined plugin path). The plugin version can later be accessed via any DAW.

    However, for the very first time (or any time after additional plugins/libraries have been installed) you should run the "Maschine 2 standalone" application first, as a related plugin/library scan is performed. The very first launch will take a little bit longer as usual, as a new database will be created on your system. I guess that is what the manual advised you to do when asking you to launch the standalone version the first time.

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    Not sure what you mean here. The Maschine 2 software can be downloaded and installed in Native Access.

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