Setting up New BLEASS Arpeggiator MIDI Routing In Maschine

Antonio B
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I posted a short tutorial YouTube video on how to get up and running quickly using the free Element plug-in so that the new and very awesome Blease Arpeggiator can be used in Maschine. Can't post links here yet (newbie) but this is the title of the video: "Setting up BLEASS Arpeggiator MIDI routing in Maschine" Additional info/instructions in the video description.


  • Peter Harris
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    Checking it out now. Thanks!

  • D-One
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    I edited your post, removed the picture and added the actual video.


  • tetsuneko
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    Could this free Element plugin also be used for using Reaktor -based sequencers in Maschine? I need to check this out..

    whoa! Indeed this will do all sorts of kinky stuff hehe!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Schmapps1
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    Hey thanks so much for this! Didn’t take too long to get up and running with Element.

    I now have chords generated from scaler2, running into BLEASS Arpeggiator, running into my favorite kontakt instruments. All inside Maschine! 😵

    one thing I haven’t yet figured out how to do - is it also possible using Element to set things up so that the midi notes (from, say, bleass) can be recorded onto the Maschine midi timeline?

  • Antonio B
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    Great question. I think there is - I believe I did just that when I was trying to figure out how to use Element initially but couldn't record the midi when I tried to do it intentionally lol. That being said, I did not spend too much time on that issue. I could be wrong. Let me know if you get it to work. If not, I'll try myself and let you know what I find out :)

  • Schmapps1
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    Hey- yeah, I messed around with it for quite a while just now and I wasn’t able to figure out how to do it!

    whenever you have time, if you want to see if you can figure it out that would be terrific :)

  • dmori
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    If you want to record each individual note for chords in maschine software from element, you have to use element as standalone software (not VST) then use IAC on mac. If you use as VST it will record only 1 note for the chord.

    Here's 2 old videos I did showing how I set it up: and

    (Ripchord is like Scaler)

  • Schmapps1
    Schmapps1 Member Posts: 128 Pro

    Thanks for this, I will give it try !

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