GR7 Presets disappeared

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Nevermind: I figured it out. I had to import the library again and then make sure no filters were on. The GUI is poorly designed and it 's a bit awkward navigate - needs an update. The sounds are good though.

https:// support . native-instruments . com/ hc/en-us/articles/4409388357137


I just installed GR7 Pro stand alone; and all was working well until I was trying to save a preset that I customized. Well, since I didn't know what is was doing yet, I clicked Library "Reset" and now I lost all the presets. I got nothing. No presets sounds, just a row of colored dots - and a message "No Results Here"

There are also no filters and I have not clicked the "User Content" tab either.

I reinstalled it too, but it is just the same still.

Any idea how to get back to normal?

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