Traktor and mixing over the DJ Mixer as DJM 250 M2 or other one

I am currently a Rekordbox user because I play CDJ3000 in the club, but I would like to have an alternative "live" setup. My idea is that I can control the crossfader with the Traktor Pro 3 via a mixing console e.g. DJM250 MK2 at home. In the club there are bigger mixing consoles 900 Nexus etc. I want to connect my Macook Pro to the mixer via USB and then mix purely via the mixer. Optionally I would like to add a K2one from Allen & Heath to control effects or loops and integrate Touch OSC. Does this setup work at home for practicing with a DJM 250 MK2 from Pioneer? 


  • Uwe303
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    the DJM 250 MK2 is certified for traktor as far as I can see so this should work, then you would need on top, as you've already said, something to control the decks, the new X1 MK3 is maybe also interesting. But I'm not a great traktor expert.

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