glitch/crack at the end of songs in traktor pro

Jan Noll
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I'm using Traktor pro. When I load a track into the deck there's sometimes a glitch/crack at the very end of the soundfile that's not in the original MP3. This is annoying during the mixing process. When I reload the track the glitch/crack is gone. Then it reappears again. Can anyone help with this?


  • The Sarge
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    can´t help, ´cause I wanted to ask the same

    only found the same workaround like you, and ofcourse it´s very annoying during DJing!

    so, NI, what you wanna talk about?

  • Stevan
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    I only have idea for the mapping work around.

    When "Seek Position" value reaches 0.999 then EQ Kill a track in a deck automatically. Loading new track disengages the EQ kill on that deck.

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