I bought a s61mk2 used and

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The license was transfered. I look at the website and most of the programs, maybe all, are free downloads. How do I know I bought the software license that comes with the keyboard and not just the free stuff?

I'm very new to online music downloads, everything is free but also a priced version so I'm kerfuffled. This keyboard was expensive for me so I'd like to get all the value I can.

Thank you for any info.

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    As a first step, you must download and install Native Access 2.

    Through this software, you will add your serial numbers, you will see all the software that is available to you (both paid and free), and you will install all those applications and libraries in your computer.

    Download Native Access 2, here:

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    I've done that, what don't know if I got the paid applications and libraries that cost money or all free apps and libraries that everyone can get when the license was transfered.

    For example and I guess I could try this but I could just make a new account and download all the free stuff. Would it beethe exact same stuff that I have now and thought I paid for. Should I have best version of certain apps. I know there are updates that add new stuff and there is a fee for it so that's another thing that makes it hard to tell if I got what I paid for since I got a license transfer.

    Or is it that you can only get a license if you buy a NI product?

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    I don't know how it works when you get a secondhand hardware license transferred , I mean if you still have to enter it into Native Access to activate it. But if you are not sure then enter it in Native Access at Add serial . If you got the software ? The S-61 MK2 comes with Komplete Select and you can compare content and see what Select comes with in the left most column at the compare page , where you can also see present upgrade prices !

    Also if you got the Komplete Select for S-Series registered to your account then both you should see it registered to your account at the My Products and Serials page and you should also see the upgrade price at the My Komplete Offers page ! (199,50 € for owners of KOMPLETE SELECT to upgrade to Standard at the sale)

    Once you have checked that the keyboard works and that you have Komplete Select then if you have the money then I can recommend that you upgrade to Standard at this or another sale ! Upgrading to Standard will give you so much at a relatively small price , especially at a sale !

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    1- Just open your Native Access, and see what is there! Both paid and free software is there. If something is not there, you either didn't bought it, either you didn't add its serial number.

    It is really simple. You see Reaktor? Its the full (paid) version. You see Reaktor Player? Its the free version. You see Kontakt 7? Its the full (paid) version. You see Kontakt Player? Its the free version. You see Maschine Factory 2? Its the full (paid) version. You see Maschine Factory 2 Selection? Its the free version. And so on, and so on. The words "Player" and "Selection" indicates the free versions. This is how you will know which version you have. :-)

    2- Making a new account just for free stuff, is a big-BIG mistake! You can only have one NI account in your computer, because, if you have 2 accounts and always do login-logout, all your paid software becomes DEMO, when you use the "free" account. You will never be able to use both. Even more important, you do not need to use both! If you have the Full (paid) version, then the Free version is completely useless.

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    I agree with him, besides, it will be incredibly confusing to change the accounts over and over again.

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    If you log into the NI web site you'll see all the software and hardware you have registered here -My Products, Serials & Downloads (native-instruments.com)

    Do you see your keyboard and the free software registered there?

    There's a good "How to" that covers hardware transfer here - Buying or Selling a Native Instruments Product Second-Hand – Native Instruments (native-instruments.com)

    -- Mike

  • Cdamienw
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    Thank you for your help everyone. I'm gonna look into it more tomorrow but from the info given I believe I do have the paid versions. It's late though and I gonna make sure tomorrow, thanks again.

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