KK 3.0.3 STILL Doesn't See ST4 After NKS Library

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So, I've watched the the entire tutorial for installing the Independent s'ware for the NKS Sample Tank 4 Library. I admit the 1st time I didn't see the Presets part, but this past time I just did 1 hr ago was a carbon-copy to what the video instructed. While KK DOES see ST4 in the list, but when I click on the app under the 3 dots beside the |||\ icon some artwork comes up, but it's showing the ST4 FX rack, NOT the ST4 Logo icon. Somehow I don't think that's correct. I can also get the main GUI to show up with the knobs and MIDI Learn, and the Parameters are waiting to be assigned, but when I click on any of the functions like MIDI Ch., Transpose, Pan, Vol. none of them respond. And of course, I'm unable to choose an instrument. So, it looks like the entire install of the NKS library didn't take at all. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Forgive my slow learning curve.


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    Why don’t you just contact Freelance Soundlabs, I’m sure they can help you out or contact @JesterMgee directly, it should work, maybe you missed something?

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