Where can I Buy machine Mk3 software?

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Hi NI community!

I just purchased machine Mk3 on Ebay and of course didnt came with a software.

Can I purchase the software and where?


  • Sunborn
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    With Maschine MK3 comes a lot of software too. So you will no need to purchase (maybe later if you need something more).

    Just download Native Access 2, install it, login (with the same mail/pass you use on NI website).

    Then add your Maschine MK3 Serial Number, and you will see exactly what is available to you for download.

    However keep in mind that if your hardware is second hand, the seller must transfer its license to you first.

  • Kubrak
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    If you have contact to the seller and he communicates. Ask him for Licence Transfer of Maschine HW. He has to ask for it on NI web pages from his user account.

    The seller will keep SW that has been bundled with Maschine HW, you will get new licences for bundled SW. So, there is no reason for him not to do the transfer, he would not loose anything....

    The only problem might be in case he is not the original user and the previous user has not transfer the licence, so he has nothing to transfer.....

    There are probably some ways to get Maschine sw, but it is not simple. You may buy Komplete Select at NI e-shop. There is Sale, now. So, better price than most of time.

    But first try to get Licence Transfer Code from the seller.

  • dmori
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    M32 keyboard comes with Maschine software, so you could get one 2nd hand of ebay/fb marketplace and ask that they have license before purchasing.

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