Can someone explain routing channels to this idiot?

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Dear Anyone.

Kontakt 6. 5 instruments - here's a pic...

The first channel works, going to outs 1 and 2. I can't hear any of the other instruments - lights appear in the black boxes on the right of them when I put MIDI notes into my staves but no noise comes out. I've got a FEELING it's because of the numbers in the 'out' boxes in the mixers, they should be 3/4, 5/6,7/8, 9/10, shouldn't they? I'm guessing at that because it sounds logical.

I'm not sure of the difference between 'st' and 'aux', sorry! I'm brand new to Kontakt (does it show!?!) How do I change the numbers along the bottom so they're 3/4 etc? I've clicked on the 'Outputs' plus sign and I get this....

I don't understand the initials - what Kt means. I'm guessing the 'surr' means 'surround sound'. I don't understand why it's only showing up as 2 ordinary (not 'surr!') channels when I've got 8 going along the bottom.

Please could someone either point me in the direction of a SIMPLE, KONTAKT FOR DUMMIES! explanation of it all or patiently explain how to route instruments to outs to MIDI tracks in a DAW? My DAW's Quick Score Elite Level 2, pure notation, one stave per instrument. I know it can do multitimbral because I've got the Korg M1 Emulator and it uses that fine. I thought this would be automatic too but it's not and I'm not understanding it!! I don't see how to change the numbers along the bottom so they're not 63/64. If they SHOULD be 63/64, tell me!

Sorry I'm a noob.

Yours hopefully



  • Milos
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    Speaking from my point of seeing things, I think you should make separate outputs, of course, but you need to put for each output Kt st. 1 with [1] for one channnel and [2] for the other.

    I do that with my drums and every sound can be heard.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Chrisulrich What program/DAW are you using? I'm not sure it supports multiple outputs of Kontakt. If it does, this is how you shuld set it up: How to Create Multiple Outputs in KONTAKT and Route Them to a DAW

  • Michael Groarke
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    you’re not an idiot, this is complicated! You’re in the right place to select the “physical” outputs. The labeling is a misleading mishmash of numbers.

    you’ll need to create a way for these Kontakt outputs to align as channel inputs in your DAW

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