Missing Library. Locate function in Native access won't accept actual location

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I have Acoustic Legends HD. It won't appear in Kontakt 7. It shows up under "All" in Native Access, but not under "Installed." NA will not let me select anything but "Release Notes." There is no "Reinstall," or "Relocate" link available. When I get the "path invalid" dialog box, I type in the exact location (which I verify using Finder. Mac Ventura 13.6. 2019 MacPro.) NA still returns "path invalid." The verified location of Acoustic Legends, showing all its files is: Mac HD/Users/myname/Documents/NI Acoustic Legends/Acoustic Legends HD Library. This is not accepted in the "path invalid" dialog box.

Is there any way to just start over and reinstall from scratch?



  • Milos
    Milos Member Posts: 1,867 Pro

    Open K7.

    Then go to the Libraries and try to find Acoustic Legends and check the box if you need the plugin.

    Either there or just go to the Files and search for that plugin inside K7.

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