Download never appeared even after being told it's active?

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I purchased Ozone 11 Pro in black Friday sale last Sunday 26th. I then received email next next day saying it was available in NI access. It wasn't there and I checked my other account too. I was then told there was a delay which was fine.

Then I'm told it was active and my case was closed and because of my inconvenience I would get a free voucher within 24 hours by Alex.

There's nothing still with my download and I've got latest NI Access update. And no voucher has come through either.

Now NI are not responding to any emails and I feel really ill because it's held up my work for a week tomorrow.

I just wondered has this happened to anyone because I can't call them as no help number I'm just going round in circles and no one is giving support.

I'm just in shock how such a company that's been around for so long can be so unprofessional.

I'm regretting buying it now 😔

Sorry this is long but I just don't know what else to do. It would help if I got some help instead of feeling like you have been scammed because that's how this situation makes you feel.

Thank you



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    I really can understand you, and how you feel, I would also be not amused, to say the very least. But please understand there is a sale right now and native can't keep up with support I guess it's also weekend now. I'm sure you'll get your product and the voucher. Please be a bit more patient I will mark @Kaiwan_NI and she can find out what's going on. You told that you have two accounts, maybe there is an issue but I don't know of course and only native staff can help. Thx for your understanding. And have a nice weekend anyway.

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    If you bought the bundle at the N.I. site then it is possible that your serial is found on this page as not registered or at page bottom as third party ! If serial is there then copy it and insert in add serial in Native Access. If you bought on the iZotope site then it may be there (auto log in will try to use the N.I. password there though it still needs the iZotope password !). As far as I know then iZotope also still got their own Product Portal app for products bought there !

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    Thank you for getting back to me. I certainly will try what you said although I definitely know it's not at izotope portal as have checked everything everyday about 10 times 😄 But will try the Non Registered on here as you said PoorFellow 👍🏻

    Also Uwe303 thank you so much also for marking @Kaiwan_NI I'm sure it will be sorted in the end. It's just frustrating when your told it's there and you get a link but it's not and as a newbie as PoorFellow kindly described it could be as non registered but that's never explained more clearer by support. They just closed the case.

    But thank you both so much as you've made me feel better just getting some hope 😄 better than how I've been feeling the past week 👍🏻

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