Why am I getting so much noise???

So long story short. I am not getting noise from my mic at all. all playbacks of the mic sound amazing and clear. any music or videos or literally anything at all are crystal clear. everything works fine except... i hear so so SO much noise from my headphones whenever i want to monitor my microphone and only my microphone. for when i stream, everyone hears everything perfectly, but i can hear myself sound like i am PEAKING when its not even touching the red or anything. ive tried reinstalling everything and even changed headphones. nothing. its not the audio or the PC or anything, it is only happening to my headphones from my mic inside the audio interface, send help??


  • JesterMgee
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    So long story short.

    Think you made the story a wee bit short, you kind of left out every useful detail possible :)

    Might help if you detail what audio interface it is you are using, what is connected to what, the headphone model, the mic used, the OS you are on and literally any detail that may help others to help you.

  • Sunborn
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    There are literally dozens of reasons why a mic having a behavior as you described, but there is no way to get real help without provide more information about your mic, your other audio hardware and software, your operating system and your audio settings (both, the main settings and your audio hardware/software settings).

    However, i can assure you that reinstalling is not the solution, it doesn't solve anything and you are just wasting your time.

    The reasons are always related to: technical specifications, quality of your mic and/or wrong audio settings.

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