Reaktor losing the names of configured parameters in Ableton Live

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Hey Guys, i made a new FX ensemble and Reaktor is losing the names of configured parameters in Ableton Live when i reload the project or just copy the Reaktor VST with the parameters configurations i use on push mostly.

Is this happening to other people as well or is this a problem with me using Custom Parameter Names...

Instead of showing me the Custom Parameter Name Live shows me P0100 etc...

Any idea what i did wrong


  • SBkillabeatz
    SBkillabeatz Member Posts: 7 Member

    It's also happening with ensembles from Bolle & Goremall & it's even happing with Spacemaster 2 from the Factory Library.

    Aiaiai now i see it's only happening with the VST3.

    Must be a BUG.

  • SBkillabeatz
    SBkillabeatz Member Posts: 7 Member

    So i found out also Molekular and Prism are affected and it's only happening in the VST3 of Reaktor 6.5.

    Monark and Razor don't seem to have this problem though. What's going on... ????

  • silentio246
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    Hi, i do not use the VST3 version of Reaktor, so i cannot say anything about that. But maybe you find a solution in this thread:

    I think you should sort and compress your parameter ids, so that Ableton Live can see them.

    Could be a change from VST2 to VST3.

  • Kymeia
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    I think there is a bug in how the VST3 reports automation IDs, I found if you open the ensemble in EDIT mode and add a custom ID name for one of the params they all suddenly reappear, but are gone again when you reopen the project. I suggest making a bug report for this and I will too

    There may be a wider issue though with how VST3 reports automation IDs as I also find this with other plugins so it may not be entirely on NI, VST3 seems to sometimes report additional IDs that are not actually there, in Komplete Kontrol I have had to shift from using touch learn to mapping controls based on what is in the actual param dropdown list as if I use touch learn sometimes params learnt that way disappear next time I open the plugin NKS

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