Traktor Kontrol F1 - Occasionally Mute Button malfunction

Hello All!

Maybe someone can help: Occasionally at least one Mute Button looses it's normal mute function and the slot is either permanently muted or cannot be muted anymore. Very irritating in a live situation!! My kick drum suddenly keeps on running although it should have been muted. Someone knows to handle this problem? Thanks in advance!

Gear: F1 and S8 with latest drivers and firmware connected togehter at Asus Tuf Gaming A17 with latest Traktor Pro 3



  • Pedro_NI
    Pedro_NI Customer Care Posts: 11 mod

    Hey @jo-jo-on-tour

    Does this happens always with the same button in your F1?

    Have you tried different USB cables with it, and all the USB ports on your computer? In case you are using a USB HUB, please try without it, connecting the F1 directly to the computer.

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