S61mk3 Komplete 3.0.3 - not loading 3rd party vst3's - i.e. Zebra

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I have a number of VST's that are updated to the latest versions, support vst3 natively on mac, and are accessible and auditionable in the Komplete Control browser on the s61, however when I try to load, it says:

"X could not be loaded, as it may not yet support Apple Silicon or VST2 to VST3 migration.

Please contact the plugin manufacturer for more information."

Any ideas? (I've deleted and rebuilt the library a couple of times with no luck). running the latest version at current time - 3.0.3

I'm able to load these manually vis Komplete Control using instruments, VST3, u-he, Zebra2 etc

Issues with Zebra2, ZebraHZ, Softube Modular, Heartbeat etc

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  • Kymeia
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    Zebra2 and ZebraHZ are fully migrated, they need you to run a full plugin scan in KK after installing them and if you use Rosetta you may need to do that again when you go back into native

    Softube Modular is a problem as it would be too difficult for the community to fix as we did with Heartbeat and I’m not sure if Softube care about NKS anymore

    Best you could do is create custom mappings for your favourite patches - I do that also with Voltage Modular


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