annoying S2 MK3 bugs?

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Hi all, i bought this controller as my first ever.

I've encountered a bug that is common from what i read on this site: The locked right deck will prevent loading tracks unless you disable the protection from the soft settings.

Now im having another problem also on the right deck. Randomly after playing for a while (+2 hs) the jog wheel misbehaves and it will scratch instead of bending, scratch works flawlessly touching the top of the wheel 10/10 times but not the bend toching the lower part of the jog.

Im concerned, why all this bugs happens on the right deck? Is there a workaround that doesn't involve relaunching traktor or reconnecting the controller usb?

Sorry for my rusty english and thanks in advance


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    Are you playing in the studio, in the club, on the beach? Is the environment particularly hot, cold or wet? If all around it's perfect, you may want to send it in for repair/refund/replacement. It sounds to me the s2's jogwheel platter doesn't 'un'-touch for whatever reason.

    Nothing to be done about the loading bug except the software preferences settings, although one may adjust the mapping or qml code of the s2 to only load into a deck which is not playing from a different angle, separate from the settings.

  • innerdrum
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    Hmm. I think first time it happened was a hot day. Last time was particularly humid so it may be that. Gonna try again with the A/C on. Thank you.

    Anyone has a theory on why this kinds of bugs happens on right deck? I searched and read all the posts with "s2 mk3" before posting this and seems that almost all issues are on right deck.

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