LOCATE is missing as a 3-dot option for the Expansions

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Hi, I just finished a fresh Windows 11 reinstall and I'm relinking my libraries one at a time by clicking the 3-dot menu for each library and selecting the Locate option. Thank god that option is there so I don't have to reinstall from scratch.

However, I notice that option does NOT appear for the expansions. Why not?? Is this a bug? An oversight? The only option I have is to select INSTALL, which then redownloads the expansion, mounts it temporarily, and installs it. Once finished, and I look at the path, it went to the specific location I would have used. So it's kinda like it did this whole process only to realize that it was already there in the end.

Why don't we have a LOCATE option yet for the expansions? Seems to me it's an easy implementation since it already exists for the libraries, yes? Or...is this issue only on my end?


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    I did the exact same thing as you did after the NA install wouldn't work and have run into the same issue with locating certain items. I wish there was a way to simply have NA scan the folder used for content and link the items with their respective file location. Seems like it would be a simple thing rather than a user having to do this manually.

    Did you ever find a solution or did you simply have NA install all of them again?

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    I didn't find a solution - had to let NA install them again.

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