Can I layer multiple instruments on Komplete Kontrol Keyboard without using a DAW?

Ralf Rottmann
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If this is a totally stupid question, I apologize upfront. :)

I'm relatively new to the Native Instruments universe using a KOMPLETE KONTROL S 61 MK II at the moment. Now, I understand how the integration with Ableton and other DAWs allows me to loop instruments and record track by track.

However, I wonder whether in a live setting, I can achieve something similar without using a DAW by just using KOMPLETE KONTROL software and the keyboard.

Let me give an example: There are some "Instruments" in the KOMPLETE Library which provide complex sampled drum loops. They usually map to only very few keys on the keyboard.

My question would be, wether I can somehow configure the keyboard in a way which would let me trigger one of those beat loops, then switch to another instruments and play for example keys or strings while the drum loop keeps running.

Again, excuse me if the answer is: No, you need a DAW for that. I just believe I saw someone doing just that on YouTube.

Thanks for taking the time to look into this.

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