Kontakt 7.7.2 Update Download Failed {Half a*s Solved}

Roko Djokovic
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I am unable to download Kontakt 7 update from Native Access.

Tried uninstalling Kontakt, and still get Download failed messsage. Fiddled for hours, and nothing.

When I open Komplete Kontrol in Live, Kontakt libraries can not open, it says, Kontakt version is too old. and I need to update. I go to Native Acccess again, and it says download failed.

Right now, all of my projects that use kontakt or any of the kontakt library can not open when i try to load it from Ableton Live. I am stuck, really stuck.

I have managed to install everything on my mbp Laptop 2015 running latest Big Sur

I was unable to install Kontakt 7 update on my Mac Mini m2 Ventura 13.6

I also get this:

And This:

When I open standalone kontakt 7, it seems that I can open libraries:

I succesfully installed Kontakt 7.7.2 update in these steps:

-Opened the Kontakt 7.7.1 App on My Laptop. Clicked update in Native Access while Kontakt App was running.

-Native Access was unable to automatically install and delete the dmg file after installation while instance of Kontakt app was running.

-I copied over the Kontakt 7.dmg file to Mac Mini and installed. Started Native Access again on Mac Mini, it rescanned all the installations and it worked.

-The Issue is solved now, but thanks to having two computers with different versions of OSX and Native Access.

-NI can solve this issue by providing users direct download links to their "Download Failed" installers.

-There ya go

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