Anyone Have Any Sound Card Recommendations?

I'm looking for sound card recommendations if anyone has one or two. 90% of the time these days I'm booked at gigs that have pioneer mixers with a USB option but every once in awhile I show up to find a non pioneer or a pioneer that the usb isn't working so I need my soundcard.

For years I've used a Traktor Audio 6 and honestly it's working fine however I do this full time and never want to be caught flat footed if my Audio 6 goes down.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,053 Expert

    You can get used a6 for 80 EUR a pop.

    If you want something new take a look at reloop flux.

  • MrBig1964
    MrBig1964 Member Posts: 12 Member

    Any Focusrite Scarlett. They are very very good, high quality and very stable, both on windows or mac.

  • Bruno Browning
    Bruno Browning Member Posts: 11 Member

    Thanks for the advice guys.....Just trying to get ahead of any potential problems. I appreciate the help.

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