Kontakt 7 Is Only Loading One Instrument At A Time

Larry R.
Larry R. Member Posts: 12 Member

Since updating my Kontakt 7 yesterday, I can only load one instrument at a time. It doesn't matter if I'm in a DAW or not. I'm pretty sure it's a simple solution that I am overlooking. I have attached a short video.



  • nightjar
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    The new behavior of Kontakt 7 is that clicking on a preset replaces the current instrument rather than adding a new one.

    To get multiple instrument loaded, go to the menu bar "View" and choose the drop down option "Rack View". This is the mode to have multiple instruments loaded.

    You will also need to then go the Menu Bar "File" and choose the the drop down "New Instrument". This will prepare a new slot in the rack for you to load another instrument.

    Whatever instrument in the Rack View has an orange highlight on its left edge is the active instrument that will be loaded when you click on a preset in the browser.

    It may take awhile to get used to this new behavior, but it is what it is for now... perhaps an option for the old behavior will be part of a future update.

  • Larry R.
    Larry R. Member Posts: 12 Member

    Awesome, that worked, it is going to take some getting use to. I wonder what the reasoning is behind this?Thanks big dawg!

  • Dave Wild
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    I hope there will be a update that let me turn that "new behavior" off. i don`t like it.

  • Milos
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    Wait, you are saying that you can load only 1 instrument on Kontakt?

    There is an easy solution!

    Besides the solution that the previous person gave, I have another one that should help you out.

    Load any instrument, then click on the empty space below the library of the Kontakt tab to remove the orange line from the library, and then try opening another preset.

    It hope it helps.

  • Milos
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    Here is the example:

    Sorry for the mouse not appearing, but you know what I am saying.

    Load any library, then click anywhere on the empty black space of the Kontakt tab, then load another library, and so on, and so forth...

  • Dave Nelson
    Dave Nelson Member Posts: 1 Newcomer
    this new behavior really messed me up today
  • Milos
    Milos Member Posts: 1,833 Pro

    Well, did you try the advice I gave him?

    It can probably help you as well...

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