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    A i5 12600 definitely yes, i would say. If you don't always need 20 instances of massive x or diva + other CPU intensive stuff. I just own an older Ryzen 5 2600x and it's fine for me, but of course it always depends on your needs.


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    The latest 12th gen uses a different socket than 10 and 11, they are not interchangeable.

    If your budget is tight and you want to go with a intel desktop I'd suggest getting a latest 12th gen motherboard + an i5, maybe an i5-12600K, seems like a very capable CPU, and this way you can always upgrade later to an i7 or i9 if you need all that CPU power, most people don't tho.

    That's really the beauty of PC desktops, you can build a computer as you go and according to your needs as the $$ became available, but for long-term projects, I'd don't recommend going for older gens.... With that said I still have a 8th gen i7-8700K from 2018 and I'm very happy with it.

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    There are big differences between 10, 11 and 12 gen. I, personally, would not buy any of those generations. But, I may be biased, AMD seems to me better value in many aspects. And after 25 years of using Intel I switched to AMD. And I am real happy.

    If desktop and can wait three four months, why not AMD Zen4? It has new socket that may last three, four generations of CPU. So, you could upgrade CPU to something stronger, if needed without change of motherboard.

    AMD CPUs need way less power than Intels, so cheaper cooler will do and bill for electricity will be also lower.

    Zen4 uses modern DDR5 RAM, PCIe5 and no big.little, so not much problems with programs that do not understand it... It will probably do similarly like 13th gen Intels, just asking less energy....

    But still, you did not write what for do you want the PC and what is the price limit.

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