Audio 6 DJ phono level very low

Hi there,

Tonight I reconnected my turntables with my Audio 6 DJ to play a hybrid set of DVS and actual vinyl. I usually use Traktor with CDJs in HID mode, so it'd been a while. When I played digital tracks from Traktor, I was having no issues with output volume, plenty of headroom available on the gain knobs etc.

When I switched to live input or direct thru, the output volume dropped significantly, with me having to push the channel gain to the maximum and still only hitting around -3 on the mixer.

I checked my input levels were phono (they were) and then switched off the external mixing headroom, but still no increases.

I've looked online to see if there is any way to adjust the preamp volume, or anything other workarounds, but I have had no luck. Can anyone advise on this? Is an external preamp required?



  • Uwe303
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    the phono LEDs on top of the device are on? And have you another cartridge for the tt to try this out?

  • lord-carlos
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    Can you check the levels when you directly connect the turntables to the mixer? Just to rule out if it's the A6 or not.

  • petewoods
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    Hi both!

    Levels without A6 are completely normal, and I am using Ortofon Concordes which I believe have a fairly hot output anyway? Phono lights are on and it is the same on both decks with both carts, so it is leading me to believe that it is down to the A6 preamps.

    Would having the A6 powered only by USB rather than with an external supply potentially be a cause of low output on the phono preamps?

  • lord-carlos
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    As far as I know you only need external power supply when you want to use it without a computer.

  • petewoods
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    Okay, so if that isnt the cause then I am just wondering if there is a way to boost the preamp levels or if my A6 is basically useless for the type of setup I am looking for, though I had never had these issues previously when doing a hybrid of DVS and vinyl.

  • Owner
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    Does you Mixer have Phono Inputs? Then maybe a Multicore Cable (y strap) will help you out.

    Btw. Have you already tried it vice verca and lower the digital output of Traktor?

  • petewoods
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    My mixer does indeed - is it still possible to buy Multicores? I had some years ago when I bought my A4 but haven't had any since and cannot find any for sale online?

    I've turned down the Traktor volume to match it up, but it is still coming out at -3 so I have no headroom to push things up if needs be (old vinyl mastered low etc)

  • DuustereDNS_053
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    Multicore should not be needed on Traktor3Pro, instead use Live Input

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