Informal Survey - Are people hanging on to their mk1 keyboards until the wheels fall off ??

nobadmojo Member Posts: 100 Helper

Thats' what I'm doing. In light of all the obvious reasons indicated in this forum

The new Korg Keystage keyboard looks a lot like the mk1...The mk1 is still a very viable product and should not have been abandoned. In fact, it has some capabilities the mk3 does not


  • mykejb
    mykejb Moderator Posts: 871 mod

    I'll definitely be hanging onto mine even when I get a MK3. It's a solid no-frills keyboard that works well as a plain MIDI controller.

    -- Mike

  • dexl
    dexl Member Posts: 48 Member

    The answer is yes. I bought the mk2 keyboard just a year ago, why would I buy a new keyboard just because they released a new version? The keyboard works flawlessly.

  • Ojustaboo
    Ojustaboo Member Posts: 139 Helper

    Sold mine and got mk2 a couple of weeks ago

  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,756 Expert

    I will keep MK1, if NI will not solve integration of MK1 with newer SW, I am not going to buy any new NI HW. And I have a lot of NI HW (worth about five thousands EUR/USD).... I will stay on NI SW that supports MK1. So, maybe I will not even buy new NI SW, if it will not support MK1.

    I am SW developer and I do not see any reason NI could not integrate MK1 to newer SW. Except for cost... Stopping of 1000+ EUR/USD product only five years since end of sale is no go for me....

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