All Data should be saved in file tag

Aicanar Member Posts: 16 Newcomer

Playcount is a very important number. It should be saved in the music file, the tag.

But it's only saved in the database.

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  • D Genetic
    D Genetic Member Posts: 19 Member
    edited November 2023

    I think your case would have more value if it was explaining why playcount is such an important number, that is what are the use cases for it.

  • Aicanar
    Aicanar Member Posts: 16 Newcomer

    My general request: All informations should be stored in file tags. Why are some informations in the tags and others in the NI database?

  • Ves
    Ves Member Posts: 11 Member

    I can understand why it should not be in the file.

    When you share file with somebody, it falsely show in their collection as having been played 20 times.

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